About Nissabo

We care about our customers and we want them to do well. We engage in their activities and contribute in order for them to do even better business. And we do so with a genuine interest in our customers and a passion for solid wood.

It is important for us to always remain the best within solid glue panels and solid wood. We develop and produce solutions conclusive to customer’s demands and customizations as far as possible.We are a manufacturing wholesaler which means that the customer is buying from the manufacturor, while getting the wholesaler benefits.

As a Nissabo customer you get the right quality, at the right price and on time.

Get to know

Nissabo better

What we want to accomplish
To lead and inspire the trade, to engage more love for solid wood.
What we see for the future
The most customer friendly partner within solid glued panels, which assists companies furnishing, decorating and building Scandinavia, to do well in in business with elegante and smart solutions.
Business Idea
What we came up with
Making it simple for quality-conscious furniture- and staircase manufacturers as well as carpenters within Scandinavia to chose the correct solid glued panels with the right questions, to find the correct solution for the purpose and offer own manufacturing as well as stock articles for utmost flexibility.